Finding The Best Personal Injury Lawyer

12 Jan

Recently, I was in a pretty bad car accident while driving in Buffalo, NY. I was rear ended and ended up breaking my arm and pulling all kinds of muscles. Not only was I in a lot of physical pain, but I was not in good mental shape either. The wreck had made me scared to drive, and I had no other way to get to work. I was really worried.

I was talking to a friend about my situation and she recommended that I find a Buffalo personal injury attorney. I had thought about it, but I wasn’t prepared to drive anywhere just yet. She told me that either she would take me or some attorneys would come to my house. I was glad to hear that.

After some research, my friend and I found a reputable personal injury attorney. He was going to meet us for lunch to talk about my case. The attorney thought I should be getting a nice settlement, but I had not heard anything like that mentioned.

I gathered all my documentation and we prepared for the meeting. I was a bit nervous, but after reading reviews on the lawyer, I started feeling better. Lots of clients said he was friendly, helpful, and would do anything in his power to get me what I was entitled to. I honestly had no clue I was entitled to anything.

The meeting went great and the lawyer called the insurance company immediately. He talked with them and they told him they would have a check ready to cover the time I was off work so far. That made me feel a lot better. He also said I would be getting another check soon and it would be for a lot more. That was even more good news. At least I was feeling a bit better mentally.

It didn’t take long and the attorney was able to get me financially compensated for not only my time off work, but my pain and suffering, along with all of my doctor bills being paid and my car was fixed.

I was glad I listened to my friend about hiring a personal injury attorney. He really helped me through the aftermath of my accident. I was able to finally drive again and get to work. Plus, I took my friend on a nice, long vacation to relax after the whole ordeal. It was just what the doctor ordered.

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